It would be safe to say that the last 18 months have not been what any of us had planned for. While some businesses have come through stronger than ever and with a new lease of life, sadly the same cannot be said for others. 

Although the government has provided continued support into 2021 for many businesses, the changes to employment support will still mean business owners face further challenges ahead.  However, it is important to know that you’re not alone.

I am a big believer in reflection and there is always a lot to learn from past experiences including what could have been done differently if we were to do it all again, although hopefully not! Getting the focus on the next 90 days could help get your business back on track. I can work with small business owners to agree and set out your goals and then plan weekly activities in order to achieve them.

Now it’s time to focus our energy on the last half of the year, for some this is their busiest period and it is likely that they will have to continue to pivot their business. For others you can focus on reviewing and resetting targets ready for the year ahead. This could also be the perfect time to do a  Business Gap Analysis……..

I have also recently launched my Business booster sessions, for those who may have a burning issue in their business and need some advice and guidance on how you can solve it and move forward. You can book an appointment here…..

As always I am here to help with 90 day plans, business improvement strategies and start up support. 

Plan for 2021