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Creating a process

What is Process Mapping ?

Process mapping is the first step that helps people to work effectively across all departments within a business. It is a planning and management tool that visually depicts the flow of work. It will show how and when tasks need to be completed for the business to operate in a way that is effective, streamlined and uniformed.

Think about a car factory and their manufacturing process – If you order a new car from Toyota, you are confident that the car is well built and to a high standard, every single person within the factory will know exactly what their tasks are, how to do them and how long the process should take. They know that others rely on their work and ultimately the brands reputation is in their hands. This thought process can be used in any business; a recruitment agency, a baker, an online boutique etc. From the point you promote your business, to the day the customer makes a purchase there should be an efficient way for you to fulfil all the tasks in between…..but if these steps are not mapped out then as you grow you and your team members are liable to make mistakes and as a consequence of this you could lose customers and staff.

Process mapping helps you gain better visibility into your businesses operations so you can create efficiencies. As part of my process mapping programme, it will show who and what is involved in each area of the business and can reveal where efficiencies can be made that will improve your productivity, profitability, and the consumer experience.

Why do you need processes in your business?

Processes provide the step-by-step guide to completing different tasks within your business. Effective process mapping will facilitate continuous improvement

  • It shows who does what, when, where and how and enables individuals to see why this task is important. It improves accuracy and helps to provide structure and responsibility to teamwork.
  • It enables structured change as it details the complete workflow, so when problems arise it is more obvious where the process is failing
  • Processes are great for training, and they ensure all staff operate in the same way, which ensures high standards and consistency across the business
  • If you need to make changes in your business understanding the current working process helps to eliminate mistakes going forward.
  • It will ensure the correct resources are allocated to the right tasks.
  • Mapping your process can be used as tool to uncover waste.
  • Process mapping helps to deliver on expectations. The very presence of a process instantly sets an expectation.

What is involved in Process Mapping?

Step 1: Select the process

What is the reason for creating the process map? What is the need or the problem within the business?

Step 2: Set realistic expectations

Set realistic boundaries and ensure the scope of the project is manageable.

In order to see how to make changes the current process needs to be observed and properly documented. This will identify all the parameters that are involved in your business like the equipment, staff, suppliers, partners etc.

Step 3: Focus on the role

Based on the systems and roles, you can look at accurate procedures, scheduling, departmental responsibility, estimated times, tolerances and expected outcomes.

Step 4: SOPS

Creating a ‘Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)’ a bespoke procedure and workflow for your business

Step 5: Analyse and review

Next we review the performance of the process. How does the process work in the real world. When approached with flexibility in mind, the process can be adapted to allow for improvements and growth


You cannot move forward in your business if you don't know where you are right now. Understanding the true position of your business is a vital exercise to prepare and guide you on the changed needed in order to make progress.


What is your WHY? In order to move forward you need to know what this is. You need to go back to basics and relight the fire within you and your business. You need to be passionate about your business and enjoy the journey!


The most important element of business improvement is strategy. It defines your vision, helps keep you focused on the tasks you need to complete and provides you with a map of how you are going to get there!

Proven Business Success

“We just needed some advice to get on top of our employment issues, not having inhouse HR personnel made it really difficult for us to understand our obligations and what we needed to do. With very little disruption, Iekos helped us to understand the process and got buy in from our team too, thank you”. 

Gavin - Manager, PCMS Engineering

“Working with Hayley has been the game changer for us, we knew we needed to change in order to move forward we just didn’t know how. Having a structured approach to this has really helped get a plan in place that is realistic to follow” 

One to one sessions to help with the design and plan for implementation of new internal operational processes to ensure continuity and consistent quality of service and product.

Also, the implementation of full HR policies and procedures to aid and minimise HR issues.

“We had grown successfully over the last 5 years, but we hadn’t adapted what we were doing in order to stay on top of things. We were overwhelmed with the amount of work but just employing more people wasn’t helping. iekos helped us to change how we do things to make the business more streamlined and ultimately gave us a better focus”. Partner

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