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There are a lot of consultants out there who will offer a one-size-fits-all package but in my opinion it’s not in the best interests of the client.

I’m more about working one-on-one with the client to get the best for their money, business and what they want to get out of it. Everyone’s idea of success is different which is why everything I do is tailored specifically to the person and business I’m working with.

Business: Cheryl Robinson. Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Business Type: Counselling Therapy
Service: Business Surgery Session

Cheryl came to me because she was completely overwhelmed within her business. She was juggling all the hats and unsure as to how to move forward with her business. Her initial frustration was that she felt like she was juggling and struggling and wasn’t really sure if she was focusing her time on the right areas within her business. So I asked her to explain to me what was going on to cause this feeling of frustration and she started to reel off all of these tasks she should be doing but wasn’t.

I spoke to her about these tasks and we identified that actually the main cause of the frustration was that she was struggling with her accountant and on top of this she had a number of administration jobs that she needed to get done. She felt like she was not prioritising it correctly. After further conversation I advised Cheryl to get a VA to help her with a lot of the administrative duties so that she could focus her time on her clients and I actually connected her with a trusted VA whom I know and who I have worked with in the past.

I also spoke with her about the issues that she was experiencing with her accountant and I was able to guide her with some advice on how best to move forward and try and repair the relationship or if it can’t be repaired move to an alternative accountant. Upon finishing the session Cheryl not only the clarity to move forward but she also had the confidence to have these conversations with her accountant because she felt more confident about what she was going to discuss with him. Off the back of this session Cheryl was able to put into action some of the things that we discussed. I sent her a number of follow up emails to connect her with the VA and also with an alternative accountant and once I followed up with her a few weeks later she came back to me with a really positive outcome –

Cheryl Robinson

Business: Pure Awards
Business Type: Awards Writer
Service: Business Health Check

Lucinda came to me because she was overwhelmed with her business but she was also juggling a part time job, and a young family.

She was so exhausted and frustrated that she lost her passion and as a result of that she was considering closing the business down.

While doing a business health check we established that her business was actually very successful and to close down a successful business made no logical sense, so we started to look at areas where we could improve the business and where she could free up her time.

She decided that she wanted to have a slight rebrand because her business name wasn’t reflective of her branding and she also went off to set up a new website as well as a new list of more defined products and services to set the right foundations for her growth. We came up with a number of different ways that she could expand her reach into the marketplace to gain more clients so she would continue to grow her business. As a direct result she became so busy that she decided to leave her part time job and focus all of her efforts and energy on building and growing her business. She now has a business that works for her instead of against her and she even has time to spend on some other business interests as well as quality time with her family.

Lucinda White

Business: Affecto
Business Type: Recruitment
Service: Monthly Support

Daniel came to me because he was overwhelmed and frustrated with his business he felt like he was in a cycle of frustration juggling Time, Team and Money on a daily basis he was working hard to try and get out of it but nothing he ever did seemed to make a difference to his situation. I began working with Daniel by assessing the financial side of the business. Upon doing this I found a number of in inefficiencies within the finances of the business and I focused on working on the contracts that they have in place the supplier agreements and reviewing everything that was going both into and out of the business. I made sure that there were really robust systems in place to ensure the our sales invoices were paid on time and chased up if not. And I also reviewed the payment agreements of suppliers to ensure they were realistic to the way cash flowed through the business.

Upon completing this and getting the business into a more stable cash position we were then able to start looking at other areas where the business needed to be improved the main focus of this being the team. Daniel was struggling to get the correct level of performance out of his team he felt like everybody was pulling in opposite directions. He was unable to get a consistent output across each individual team member. I sat down with him to understand more about the operational side of business and I did a process mapping exercise with the entire team to help them to understand the importance of working in a synchronised manner but also that if one person was to unfortunately take ill then another person would be in a position to pick up their desks so that both the clients and candidates received a consistent service.