hand with three finger held up

Today we have three things to celebrate at iekos

Let’s start with the one that is at the top of every working parents list………. BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

I am sure that like me, parents throughout England are over the moon that the kids can go back to school today. Although there have been many benefits to having the children at home it is not easy to provide an effective learning environment and try to run a business at the same time. Although home schooling has been much more structure by the schools in this lockdown, it has meant that I have had to commit large chunks of the day to being a teaching assistant (if that’s what you’d call it!) Then in turn I have been working well into each evening to try and get everything for my business done. I am really energised about everything starting to get back to normal and talking with a number of other parents I know there are many that share my feelings.

Next up, it’s international women’s day today. Throughout my career there have been many great business women and men who have inspired me. At 18 when I set up my own business I had many people doubt my abilities to make it a success, but I remember being completely inspired and driven by Hillary Devey. Even when I thought about giving up, I remember taking on board her approach….when asked about her own drive and determination she says “Never one to give up I have successfully overcome every hurdle obstructing my way and am living proof that if you set your mind to do something anyone can achieve amazing results.”

We are lucky to have so many female role models that we can relate to, in decades past the number of women we could have looked up to would have been far less, with many only able to occupy ‘so called female appropriate’ roles. However, in the last 20 years the gender gap has started to be properly addressed with high levels of support from individuals, companies and countries. With the help of inspiring women, I am confident that the future looks positive for real equality #iwd21

And finally, on a personal note I am also celebrating our own iekos anniversary. I set up iekos coaching 2 years ago today! Although I have been supporting businesses for a number of years, in 2019 I decided I wanted to make coaching my core role. I had built up Crystal Clean to a place where I was able to step back and leave the team to run the business. Since then, I have worked with some amazing businesses, from writers and recruitment consultants to other cleaning companies and start-ups. It’s been hard work, but I am enjoying the process and watching these businesses go from strength to strength is an amazing experience and one I am very proud to play a small part in.

All in all, I think March 8th 2021 will be a day I remember with real positivity……they are right good things happen in 3’s!