Are you running a zombie business?

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From a financial perspective is your business neither alive nor dead? Are you only just about able to service the interest payments on your loans and balance your overheads, without ever getting on top of the debt and make any headway? After the last 18 months many business owners have seen a roller coaster of ups, downs and everything in between, and so much continued uncertainty has meant that many have not been able to get back to improving and growing their business.

Be prepared for the changes

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So what does yesterday's budget announcement mean for you and for your business? I spoke to 3 business owners yesterday who didn't know it was happening nor did they have any idea what it affect it might have on them or on their business... Some of the announcements made in Mr Sunak's Budget could have an impact on your business and it's important that you know and understand what they are. There were many positives that you could benefit from but there were also some things that may require you to take action within your business. So I would urge you, if you haven't already, please sit up and take notice. Be strategic and speak to your accountant, your mentor/coach or consultant and start asking the question.... What does it mean for my business?

Do you need professional support in your business?

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As with many industries, there are many people in my profession who claim to be able to offer everything. Whatever it is that you may be looking for, they can help?!? Need a coach, you got it, need a trainer they are there, need a consultant – of course they can do that too, it’s all the same thing right……No, no it isn’t!

Is a business consultant worth it?

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Are you a business owner that is struggling with the next step? Maybe you are just setting up and need a little support? Have you looked at what help there is for you and it feels like a minefield? I work with many small business owners who have to manage everything within their business themselves. If it is just you, how do you find the time to do everything and grow your business too? Sometimes it is useful to get an outside perspective and with all the uncertainty this might be the right time for you to look for a mentor or a consultant, someone who has been there before and can provide you with advice, guidance and support.

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