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Business Transformation Programme

Real growth structure to enable long-term sustainability.

What is covered in the Transformation Programme?

The Business Transformation Programme is a 9 week programme designed to eliminate the daily frustrations, improve your business and accelerate your growth.

In order to improve and grow your business there are 3 key elements that you need. First you will need to revisit your purpose. Why did you set up this business in the first place? Where are you going with your business now and WHY? Your purpose will vary as your circumstances change but often business owners forget this as they become more and more entrenched within their business.

Then in order to move your business forward, you need to know your current position. You need to improve your knowledge and understanding of the true problems within your business and we do this by completing a detailed business GAP analysis. It will highlight all of the areas for improvement within your business and form the basis on how to move forward.

Once you understand your current position and your purpose is clear, you need a process to follow to improve and grow your business and get it working for you. Having a goal is great but you will need a strategy to define how you are going to get there. It’s like a road map to help keep you focused and it should be tailored to you, your business and your vision for success.

It could be culture, customer service, staff retention, sales or in some cases you may even decide to diversify your business completely. Either way you’ll need to change and change is good, but it needs to be delivered with purpose and process. You need a strategy of actions to improve and grow your business and we do all of this within the programme.

As a part of the programme you will receive regular 1-2-1 support sessions as well as a 90 day plan, access to an online system so that we can help keep you on track, access to templates, toolkits and on hand guidance and advice to navigate any challenges that crop up along the way.

You’ll also get access to trusted experts who can help, guide and support you through. This Business Transformation Programme is tried, tested and designed to accelerate you and your business to the next level.

“We just needed some advice to get on top of our employment issues, not having inhouse HR personnel made it really difficult for us to understand our obligations and what we needed to do. With very little disruption, Iekos helped us to understand the process and got buy in from our team too, thank you”. 

Gavin , PSMS Engineering

I would suggest to anyone who can’t usually cut through the day to day noise of running a business to engage with Hayley. She has the ability to not only focus you on what is actually important but also break it down into clear manageable tasks that can be done even in the current state of lockdown. Thanks to Hayley I am now more organised and I have a system I place so that when the time comes I will be in a position to maximise any new opportunities and really fly with them. While a lot of us have some extra time on our hands right now I would suggest it would be a perfect time to take stock and let Hayley have a look at how you’re working and see where she can add value and help you become more efficient.

Lisa, Slice Solutions
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How it all started for me

When I started my first business I was only 18, it was just me with a few bits of cleaning equipment and a car, but by April 2008 I had enough commercial work to start taking staff on. I went on to learn more about how to run the business more efficiently, started putting more systems in place and now we employ 130 people across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. Read More 

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