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Business Surgery

Ideal for people who have a problem in their business and don’t know which route to take.

What is a Business Surgery?

Do you need a support to move your business forward?

No two businesses are the same, so it is understandable that you will face challenges that are unique to you and your circumstances and whilst you may know there is a problem it is not always easy to find a solution that is right for your business.

What is a Business Surgery session?

You come to the session with a specific problem and within an hour we find the remedy. You will leave with a set of actions that will help you resolve the issue you are facing. Working in this way helps you look at your business from a different perspective and put together a practical plan to make it work better for you.

I offer a practical approach that is tailored, it is not formulaic, this is a personal session. Your business challenges are unique to you…and you need a session that is able to help you as an individual that is specific to your situation.. More importantly you need someone who has first-hand experience of running a business and the challenges that go along with it.

What can really be achieved in an hour?
We will be able to work through the challenges that you are currently facing in more detail. Once this is done you will have a clear head, to be able to make an informed decision and you can take positive action. This is an ideal approach for people who need support on an ad-hoc basis and don’t feel they need to commit to regular support.

Why are you different?
The Business Surgery is designed to provide practical advice and guidance. In 2008 I started my own business, Crystal Clean Service which is a successful commercial cleaning company with over 100 members of staff. I have since set up other businesses as well as worked with numerous SME’s across many sectors. I have done this before and have the evidence to back it up.

What is a session like?
You should know that I’m not a “coach” I’m a Consultant. I’m going to tell you what to do based on my professional experience, we don’t talk about big picture ideas, blue sky thinking and generic methods, you will get practical advice based on the specific needs of your business and you will leave with actions that you can take to solve the problem you are facing. I will only offer advice that I know will work, and if I cant help you, I’ll give you your money back.

Here’s what’s included with your Business Surgery:

  • 60-minute consulting call
  • Follow-up email within 72 business hours of your call
  • A recording of your session upon request


You cannot move forward in your business if you don’t know where you are right now! Understanding the true position of your business is a vital exercise to prepare and guide you on the changes needed to make progress.


What is your WHY? In order to move forward you need to know this. You need to go back to basics and reignite the fire within you and your business. You need to be passionate about your business and enjoy your journey.


The most important element of business improvement is strategy. It defines your vision, helps keep you focused on the tasks you need to complete and provides you with a map of how you are going to get there!

How does it work?

Client name:  Cheryl Robinson
Business Type: Counselling Therapy
Service: Business Surgery Session

Cheryl came to me because she was completely overwhelmed within her business. She was juggling all the hats and unsure as to how to move forward with her business. Her initial frustration was that she felt like she was juggling and struggling and wasn’t really sure if she was focusing her time on the right areas within her business. So I asked her to explain to me what was going on to cause this feeling of frustration and she started to reel off all of these tasks she should be doing but wasn’t.

I spoke to her about these tasks and we identified that actually the main cause of the frustration was that she was struggling with her accountant and on top of this she had a number of administration jobs that she needed to get done. She felt like she was not prioritising it correctly.  After further conversation I advised Cheryl to get a VA to help her with a lot of the administrative duties so that she could focus her time on her clients and I actually connected her with a trusted VA whom I know and who I have worked with in the past.

I also spoke with her about the issues that she was experiencing with her accountant and I was able to guide her with some advice on how best to move forward and try and repair the relationship or if it can’t be repaired move to an alternative accountant.  Upon finishing the session Cheryl not only the clarity to move forward but she also had the confidence to have these conversations with her accountant because she felt more confident about what she was going to discuss with him.  Off the back of this session Cheryl was able to put into action some of the things that we discussed. I sent her a number of follow up emails to connect her with the VA and also with an alternative accountant and once I followed up with her a few weeks later she came back to me with a really positive outcome –

Proven Business Success

“We just needed some advice to get on top of our employment issues, not having inhouse HR personnel made it really difficult for us to understand our obligations and what we needed to do. With very little disruption, Iekos helped us to understand the process and got buy in from our team too, thank you”. 

Gavin - Manager, PSMS Engineering

“Working with Hayley has been the game changer for us, we knew we needed to change in order to move forward we just didn’t know how. Having a structured approach to this has really helped get a plan in place that is realistic to follow” 

One to one sessions to help with the design and plan for implementation of new internal operational processes to ensure continuity and consistent quality of service and product.

Also, the implementation of full HR policies and procedures to aid and minimise HR issues.

“We had grown successfully over the last 5 years, but we hadn’t adapted what we were doing in order to stay on top of things. We were overwhelmed with the amount of work but just employing more people wasn’t helping. iekos helped us to change how we do things to make the business more streamlined and ultimately gave us a better focus”. Partner

Business Booster Tips & Advice

Be prepared for the changes

October 29th, 2021|

So what does yesterday's budget announcement mean for you and for your business? I spoke to 3 business owners yesterday who didn't know it was happening nor did they have any idea what it affect it might have on them or on their business... Some of the announcements made in Mr Sunak's Budget could have an impact on your business and it's important that you know and understand what they are. There were many positives that you could benefit from but there were also some things that may require you to take action within your business. So I would urge you, if you haven't already, please sit up and take notice. Be strategic and speak to your accountant, your mentor/coach or consultant and start asking the question.... What does it mean for my business?

STOP writing plans – START taking ACTION

July 30th, 2021|

instead of spending 2 days writing another business plan that will sit on the shelf collecting dust or going on another workshop that you won’t implement into your business. I would recommend that you spend half a day really assessing your business and taking the actions you need to improve and grow it!

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