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Business Gap Analysis

Ideal for people who have a problem in their business and don’t know which route to take.

What is a Business Gap Analysis?

Have you hit a brick wall in your business? Do you keep coming up against the same issues again and again but can’t understand why ? Our business gap analysis could be the solution! A short survey followed by a detailed 1-2-1 session to assess each area of the business in detail. To understand the gaps that are within the business and what actions need to be taken to strengthen the business and also why it is important. 

Ideal for people who want to make changes in their business, improve it and strengthen it ready to take it forward to the next step. You will leave with clarity and a set action plan to help get you to where you need to be with your business. Sometimes someone with an outside perspective can find things that may be right under your nose.

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Proven Business Success

Honestly Hayley I would not have found my passion for my business again without the initial work done with you. I really appreciate your guidance and support in getting me back into everything. In just a few months I have refined my services, developed and launched a new logo and brand, a gorgeous website and new partnerships which I believe will lead to much greater things in the future. Thank you so much!

Lucinda, Pure Awards

“We just needed some advice to get on top of our employment issues, not having inhouse HR personnel made it really difficult for us to understand our obligations and what we needed to do. With very little disruption, Iekos helped us to understand the process and got buy in from our team too, thank you”. 

Gavin , PSMS Engineering

One to one sessions to help with the design and plan for implementation of new internal operational processes to ensure continuity and consistent quality of service and product.

Also, the implementation of full HR policies and procedures to aid and minimise HR issues.

“We had grown successfully over the last 5 years, but we hadn’t adapted what we were doing in order to stay on top of things. We were overwhelmed with the amount of work but just employing more people wasn’t helping. iekos helped us to change how we do things to make the business more streamlined and ultimately gave us a better focus”. Partner


What is your WHY? What does your business do and why? Understanding your WHY is so important. You need to be passionate about your business in order to enjoy the journey.


You will come to a stage in your business journey when you need to make some changes. Our Business Gap Analysis will help you understand the true position of your business and what you need to do to move forward.


The most important element of improvement and growth is strategy. It defines your vision, helps keep you focused and provides you with a map of how you are going to get there.

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