Are you winging it?

It might be fun to fly by the seat of your pants but you can’t do it all the time. Having the proper structure to your business and putting in place systems and processes that improve productivity and maintain quality are a much better guarantees of success.

  • They are important if you want to move on and sell your business. Potential buyers expect systems and processes in place, they don’t expect to have to do all this work themselves.
  • Systems and processes prepare you to expand and scale up. It means you can take on new staff knowing that your business is going to stay on a desired course and not veer away because someone didn’t know how to do something important.
  • They make your brand and your business operation consistent. Everyone knows where they stand and what to do when X or Y happens.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a situation comes up. It saves on time and money if you have a process for this or that eventuality.

Basically, as your business grows the more need for systems and processes you are going to have.

While your business may be small now, the hope is that it will begin to scale up and become a success. Rather than putting them on the back burner for now, having a detailed think about what processes and systems you need in place is better done sooner, rather than later.


In order to improve your business you must know what the problems are. In order to move forward you need to improve your knowledge and understanding of your business.


Change is important for all businesses in order to grow. You will come to a stage in your business journey when you need to make some changes.


The most important element of growth is strategy. It defines your goals, helps keep you focused and provide you with a map of how you are going to get there.