helping business in 2021

It’s fair to say that our 2020 plans didn’t go as expected and business owners have gone through the biggest challenge the economy has seen in decades, surviving 2020 is a massive achievement. So, you should be very proud that you are still going in 2021!

Although there is still a level of uncertainty, now could be the right time to take a step back and see what you can do to make a positive impact in 2021. To move forward, you need to get your plans in place and embrace the new opportunities that lay ahead.

Get your plans in place

Although you may feel that a structured 12-month plan may not be possible right now, breaking it down and starting to think how the year may pan out could be really beneficial. In previous years you may have had a very detailed approach to your plan, but I suggest this year we start the process with an overview plan by looking at these key areas:-

  • Improvement
  • Change
  • Growth

Be prepared to take risks

If you wait for the perfect opportunity or the right time you will never make a move, you need to start with a decisive and positive mindset. I watched the Channel 4 documentary about Poundland’s expansion and the MD’s statement really hit home when he said, “It was a calculated risk to continue with the plans during the pandemic”. Taking risks are part of any business strategy but you have to be sure of your limits and the risks should be evaluated against research and a robust “what if” plan. So let’s get things moving……

Getting started

To understand how you can learn from the past year I recommend by starting a review process. Get some feedback from your team, your customers, your suppliers and your peers. Use this as an opportunity to flesh out the three key areas.


Many of us have learnt new things and some of these practices can now be implemented in a long-term strategy to improve the way we operate.

Questions that you might ask……..

  • Has your team been more or less productive working from home?
  • How has communication been affected with the lockdowns and restrictions?
  • If you adopted any of the new working practices on a permanent basis what level of improvement would this bring into the business?


Change can be difficult, sometimes getting buy-in from your team and customers can be a hurdle but surviving last year has meant that change was necessary so now is the time to pursue more changes whilst everyone is more used to it. Has the last year along with all your previous experience made you more aware of what changes are needed?

Questions that you might ask……..

  • With improved online services now available, can you better serve your customers with an omni channel approach?
  • Would an investment in new software enable a more efficient use of time?
  • Do you need to change your working hours and days?
  • Are you able to change your offering in the long-term?


Plans to grow your business will need to be carefully considered as commitment in both time and resources will be needed for it to be successful. If you are able to identify areas to improve and change, then growth should be the natural next step

Questions that you might ask……..

  • Have your previous growth plans been successful – if not, why not?
  • Have you seen growth in any areas of the business during the pandemic?
  • What have you seen others within your industry do successfully that you could adopt?

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