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Most business will face challenges at some point or another but how you deal with it can make a real difference to the future of your business. Making changes in your business can be difficult but when done correctly it can provide great rewards. These are among the most common phrases I hear from clients at the beginning of their journey:

“I just can’t seem to move forward, it feels like two steps forward and one back”

“I need people I can trust to help me grow my business”

“I am sick of the daily fire fighting, somethings got to change but I don’t know what”

“I’m not making enough money”

“It’s exhausting, I am working so hard but I never seem to get anywhere.”

“I don’t know if I can do this anymore, maybe it’s not for me”

Do any of these feelings resonate with you in your business? Honestly, we have all been there even me, but there is a way to resolve these problems and eliminate your frustrations to get your business back on track.

Business Support that makes a real difference!

Every business owner I know has questioned at some point whether starting their business was a good idea. Even successful and established businesses can face huge challenges but a willingness to adapt and embrace change can turn your business around for the better.

“Being in business never gets easier….you just get better at it”..

Remember, if it was easy everyone would do it, but just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyable. I love running my businesses, even when times have been really hard, I know that there is always a practical solution I just have to find it. This is the approach I bring to all the clients I work with and have been able to make positive impacts on their business.

Start by asking yourself what is the root cause of your problems?

The three cornerstones of most business problems usually start here: –

  • Time – Not enough time, spending too much time on certain things
  • People – not enough people, cant afford people or not having the right people
  • Money – Not making enough money or not understanding it

Once you understand the root cause of your frustrations, then you can start to take the necessary actions to resolve the issues you’re facing.

Hayley Koseoglu standing against a wall on her office
When I first met Hayley my business was stuck and not really going anywhere, after working with her the business is now growing, her advice is invaluable. Thank you
Rachael Clifford
Rachael Clifford
Great advise and support from someone who has built massively successful businesses and can draw on the experience that comes with that. I'd highly recommend iekos for any startup business, or if you are wanting your business to take the next step.
Aubrey Harmony
Aubrey Harmony
Hayley was a massive support to me when i set up my business, helping me with everything for branding ideas to the financial set up. It was amazing to have her on hand as a sounding board having never set a business up before. I can not recommend her enough.
Lisa Betsworth
Lisa Betsworth
In working with Hayley and iekos we have been able to expedite our ability to hire by rapidly implementing critical policies and processes. Her advice and template documents were invaluable.
Paul Ridgway
Paul Ridgway
Working with Hayley was really helpful, her practical idea and advice have really helped our business run more efficiently. The fact that Hayley has grown her business from scratch was key to her understanding our pressures and challenges, and made her support even more credible.
Abi Golland
Abi Golland
Hayley provides invaluable insight to help build your business. Working with iekos has helped to focus my efforts on my businesses profitable growth areas. Having support and structure has made things so much easier and I have achieved more with her support in a few months than I could have imagined.
Abby Abrames
Abby Abrames

Key concerns for small businesses today….

There is no magic trick to solve any problems, whilst they may be common, the solution needs be specific to you, your business, and your situation. To solve the problem you need to start by being more specific with your issue or frustrations, the 10 most common challenges for SME’s are:-

  • Issues with business admin and not having the right (or any) processes in place.
  • Not having a business plan or having one that doesn’t work for your business.
  • Regulation and compliance and understanding what your business needs to do to operate competitively and legally.
  • Recruiting the right talent and keeping hold of good staff.
  • How to build a good reputation both online and in person.

What is the biggest challenge in your business today?

  • Adopting new technology, when to do it and how to fund it
  • Improving customer service to build relationships and a profitable lifetime buying cycle
  • How to add value to your customer in a way that truly demonstrates you understand their needs and their future requirements
  • Poor financial management and lack of understanding of the company’s cash flow position
  • How to grow your business in a sustainable way

Whatever your challenge, my approach is to work with you to find a solution that is right for your business and provide you will REAL tools that will help you to make changes needed, to grow in a sustainable way.


You cannot move forward in your business if you don’t know where you are right now! Understanding the true position of your business is a vital exercise to prepare and guide you on the changes needed to make progress.


What is your WHY? In order to move forward you need to know this. You need to go back to basics and reignite the fire within you and your business. You need to be passionate about your business and enjoy your journey.


The most important element of business improvement is strategy. It defines your vision, helps keep you focused on the tasks you need to complete and provides you with a map of how you are going to get there!

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