improving efficiency through key operational strategy

The iekos ethos is to help you and your business achieve its full potential and long term sustainability.

When running your own business, it can be challenging to make improvements and to achieve success.  Time and resource are still amongst the main obstacles that SME clients face. A recent article stated that 41% of SMEs in Yorkshire & Humber struggled to find the right talent. The reality of running a small business can be a juggling act and if resources are limited it can be very difficult to make the changes needed to keep the business moving forward.

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Long Term Sustainability

Working with iekos will give you the confidence, the skills and the guidance you need in order to move your business forward and achieve long term sustainability. Whether you are just starting out and need help understanding the basics, or you are an established SME looking for growth or ways to change and create improvement. iekos will help you achieve your goals!


“We just needed some advice to get on top of our employment issues, not having inhouse HR personnel made it really difficult for us to understand our obligations and what we needed to do. With very little disruption, Iekos helped us to understand the process and got buy in from our team too, thank you”. 

Gavin - Manager, PSMS Engineering


What are your plans for your business over the next 12 months, 5 years and 10 years? Is your plan to grow your business? Have you worked out what that growth looks like? Is your business strong enough to cope with growth in its current state? Growth is vital to the long term sustainability of any business but if you are not prepared to deal with an increase in demand, the effects can be overwhelming.

One of our packages can help you make the decisions and changes needed in your business


1-2-1 Support


1-2-1 Planning

Setting Goals

Business Audit

Market Analysis

Team planning

10 year plan


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